An easy, everyday way to check your hands are really clean.

Because clean hands are safe hands

Hand Washing Saves Lives

How long do you really wash your hand for? Do you know the difference that 5, 10 and 20 second hand washing can make? You can help break the infection cycle by ensuring you and your workforce are effectively cleaning your hands. Help stop infection spread and take control of high standards of hygiene in your workplace.

Introducing HandiCheck

The Handicheck is an innovative sink-side device designed to help ensure you wash your hands thoroughly. HandiCheck patented technology provides a visual indicator of how effective the user’s hand washing is and prompts them to continue the process until their hands are totally clean.

What is HandiCheck?



Innovative, integrated sink-side, device, designed to encourage user to wash hands thoroughly (20 seconds or more).


All-in-one convenience

A visual indicator and a wash all-in-one, to show the user how effective hand washing is.



An easy, everyday way to see if your hands are really clean.

Designed and manufactured in Great Britain

HandiCheck now available!