What is HandiCheck™?

HandiCheck™ in an integrated hand hygiene unit with automatic hand soap dispenser and UV light; with HandiSoap™ – a specially formulated combination of antibacterial soap and UV fluorescent tracer – to provide an indication of how good your hand wash is.

What is HandiSoap™?

Handisoap™ is a specially formulated, fluorescent, antibacterial soap which when used with your HandiCheck™ unit will show where hand washing has been successful and where areas have not been washed.

How big is the Handicheck™ unit?

Base – 90mm x 100mm
Height – 260mm
Hand loop – 150mm x110mm x 50mm

How is it installed?

HandiCheck™ can stand on any flat surface near a sink or can be attached to the wall using our bracket.

How is it powered?

HandiCheck™ is powered by a low voltage rechargeable battery. It is charged using a USB-C cable. A red light on the loop flashes when charing is required. A full charge takes around 2 hours and lasts for around 400 washes.

Can I use another brand of soap with HandiCheck™?

HandiCheck™ requires a specially formulated, fluorescent, antibacterial soap to work. Handisoap and HandiCheck™ are designed to work together. The two together give the correct wash and check of good hand washing. Other soaps are not recommended or tested. We recommend HandiSoap™ for the best results and optimal use and care of your HandiCheck™ unit.

How much soap do I need?

HandiCheck™ dispenses approximately 2.5ml of soap per wash. One bottle will last for approximately 200 washes. The HandiCheck™ unit holds around 250ml of soap. This is the best amount to give a good wash and check. We designed the concentrations and amounts to give the optimal user results.

What if there is a fault?

HandiCheck™ is covered by a warranty for any faults. It does not cover accidental damage.

Is there is a discount for bulk orders?

Please contact Kathryn@hannlie.com to discuss pricing for bulk orders.