How it works

What is HandiCheck?

HandiCheck™ is an integrated hand hygiene unit which helps to encourage thorough hand washing by using a visual indicator to show when the user’s hands are clean.

The innovative HandiCheck™ patented technology combines an integrated hand hygiene unit with automatic hand soap dispenser and UV light; with HandiSoap™ – a specially formulated combination of antibacterial soap and UV fluorescent tracer – to provide an indication of how good your hand wash is.

A back-to-basics approach of high quality, successful handwashing, indicated with HandiSoap™, will ensure you are keeping your hands as clean as possible.

The sink side location of HandiCheck™ allows simple and regular checking for daily hand washing or training purposes.

Who is HandiCheckfor?

HandiCheck™ can be used in professional, school or home environments where effective handwashing is essential, these include:

  • Hospitals
  • Health centres
  • GP surgeries
  • Dentists
  • Care homes
  • Restaurants
  • Food production
  • Veterinary surgeries
  • The home

It can also be used for training purposes and for education on the importance of good hand hygiene in schools.

How does HandiCheck work?


Dispense Soap

HandiCheck™ dispenses a specially formulated soap, HandiSoap™ that contains a UV fluorescent tracer.


Check with HandiCheck™

Integral UV light picks up the UV fluorescence when soap is left on the hands after washing.


Wash hands

If ultra violet indicates hands are not clean, repeat hand washing and check again.

Watch the demo

Introducing HandiSoap

Handisoap - 1 litre

HandiSoapHandisoap™ is a specially formulated, fluorescent, antibacterial soap which when used with your HandiCheck™ unit will show where hand washing has been successful and where areas have not been washed. If hand washing isn’t successful then continuing the washing process until the soap no longer indicates on the hands.

The soap offers the combined effect of an antibacterial wash and an indication of how good your hand wash is. This is unique. We have designed Handisoap to be sticky enough to stay on the hands, unless rubbed, as in the recommended 20 second or more hand wash. It is optimised to give a clear signal from areas not washed.

This, all in one check and wash means time saving and no mess, training and hand wash sessions using this unique liquid. Use with HandiCheck™ automatic soap dispenser & integrated UV light.

An easy, everyday way to see if your hands are really clean.